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  • Animal themed pottery, Kilkenny Ireland

    Claire Molloy Ceramics Shop Horse Design Shop Dog Design Animal themed ceramics lovingly handmade in

  • Handmade pottery | Claire Molloy Ceramics | County Kilkenny Horsehair Ceramics

    Horsehair Ceramics Hair from the mane or tail of a horse is placed on the hot ceramic surface. hair burns in leaving behind a unique pattern of beautiful black lines Personalised Pieces Being a horse I offer a unique service for owners, where they can send me hair from their own horses or dogs.

  • About | Claire Molloy /Ceramics Kilkenny

    I specialise in horsehair ceramics and animal themed pottery. My love of horses directly influences my horsehair pottery. I use hair from my own horse’s manes and tails which I then place on the hot ceramic surface. I also create individual pots for horse and dog owners, where each pot is decorated with hair from a

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