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I specialise in horsehair ceramics and animal themed pottery. In 2012 I set up my studio in the beautiful surroundings of Rossenarra, Kilmoganny Co. Kilkenny. I am greatly influenced by the Irish rural environment and way of life.

I like to create simple natural looking forms with subtle colours and textures.  My love of horses directly influences my horsehair pottery.  I use hair from my own horse’s manes and tails which I then place on the hot ceramic surface.

The hair twists and turns as it burns in leaving behind a unique pattern of beautiful black lines.

I also create individual pots for horse and dog owners, where each pot is decorated with hair from a their own animal to create a unique memento. For more information on how to commission a presonalised piece email me directly.


I have an honours degree in Sculptural ceramics from the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology and I also graduated from the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland’s Ceramics Skills and Design Course. I am a member of the prestigious MADE in Kilkenny Craft Group, and was the winner of the Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce Craft Business of the Year 2013. I am part of the Design and Craft Council’s Portfolio.

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Claire Molloy
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